Puple Corn Extract

Organic Purple Corn Extract “Ancient Healing food”

Purple Corn was the primary food of nearly all Native American tribes living in North, Central and South America! However, for the Incas it was one of their sacred crops, in Peru even nowadays it is still a main crop and it’s widely consumed, not only because of its delicious taste, but because it is considered have healing power.

Modern scientific research has found that Purple Corn has one of the highest anti-oxidants capacities and anti-free-radical effect in the vegetable kingdom. One of the main antioxidants in Purple Corn is called Anthocyanine, which is a flavonoid that gives it that bright purple colour, scientist found that Anthocyanine encourages connective tissue regeneration, by allowing the body to heal itself, and it is anti-inflammatory, as well as balances blood sugar levels. It also seems to promote collagen formation and improve blood circulation. All these benefits make it an excellent lifestyle choice for those interested in healthy living.

Organic purple corn extract can easily be added to in your favorite smoothies and shakes and the ultra- concentration in this extract makes a little bit go a long way see recipe pages for more details.

Purple corn