Dried Berries

Organic Dried Incan Golden Berries

Organic Incan berries are grown in the Highlands and in the jungle of Peru where they have been used as a traditional source of nutrients for centuries; these berries have a sweet and sour taste that makes them a mouth-watering delight.

Incan berries contain high levels of protein and fibre which can be easily digested and also improve the digestive system, since they have a slight laxative effect. They are also packed with beta-carotene (pro Vitamin A) that helps boost our immune system, eye health and vision and gives us a healthy looking skin.

Also, they are high in anti-oxidants which help us to fight heart disease and vitamin B (1,2,6,12)  which boost energy levels and mental alertness and give us a healthy looking hair and skull.

The high nutritional value of organic Inca berries makes them essential for a healthy lifestyle. Given that they can be consumed right out of the packet, they are the ideal snack for a health conscious individual.


Organic Dried Inca berries